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Editorial Notice

Community Centre for Rathfeigh, Skryne & Tara

The Rathfeigh, Skryne and Tara newsletter ( RST ) is published by the RST committee supported by submissions from the local community.

It provides a community news and information service to the people and organisations in the area as well as people from further afield. The RST is provided digitally, free of charge, to anyone who provides their e-mail to the RST committee.

E-mails are not shared with anyone outside the committee. Anyone or any company who would like to sponsor the RST are welcome to make a request to the committee.

Anyone who wishes to advertise anything in the RST are asked to make a small contribution to have their advert published.

The RST committee reserves the right to alter, abridge, or omit material, including advertisements submitted, if in its opinion such submissions are seen to affect the Newsletter’s function to the community as a whole.

The RST is open to all Articles, letters or other submissions from contributors and are always welcome. However, such published contributions do not necessarily reflect the views of the RST committee.

The RST committee are committed to trying to ensure only accurate and legal articles are published.

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