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About Us

Community Centre for Rathfeigh, Skryne & Tara

Welcome to the website for the RST Community Centre in Skryne, Tara, County Meath

RST Community Centre means Rathfeigh, Skryne, Tara. The letters were originally chosen for the RST Newsletter to represent the whole community. The Centre is run by the Board of RST Community Centre Ltd which comprises 8 members responsible for the running and upkeep of the centre.

RST Community Centre – A Brief History

When Skryne GFC built a new pavilion a few years ago, it was decided to invite interested people to use the upper floor as a community centre. A committee was set up to study the possibility of doing this. They surveyed the community to find out if there was a need for such a centre and, following strong support, decided to seek finance for the project. A limited company was set up, the building was leased from Skryne GFC and plans were finalised. What you see today is the result of their work, representing an investment of just over € 200,000.    

As you might expect, the success of the whole project depended on finance. The Board would like to acknowledge the strong support of Skryne GFC in this as €50,000 of the proceeds of the House Draw was set aside for the Centre. Using this money as a base, we then applied to Meath Partnership for a grant of €150,000. This was approved on the basis that we had 25% of the funding in place ourselves and we were able to put the work up for tender. As we were granted public money, the tendering process in accordance with EU procurement rules was strictly adhered to.

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